Why We Should Choose Water In The Morning Above Everything Else

Instead of drinking sweet and alcoholic beverages, we should choose water above everything else. But the benefits are enhanced when you drink water on an empty stomach.

Just eight ounces of water before you drink or eat anything can provide the following benefits:

Drinking water before anything else can flush the bowels, giving you the urge to move your bowels. As a result, your digestive tract is healthier.

Since you move your bowels and pee regularly, you expel toxins as well. It’s like you’re detoxifying yourself without the need for special ingredients.

Drinking water first thing in the morning can also help you reduce bloating.

Breakfast is still considered the most important meal of the day. When you drink water, it increases your appetite. Don’t worry about this because it is only for breakfast, which can help you consume your whole meal without problems. Later in the day, you won’t feel too hungry, which can actually help with weight loss.

Water right after you wake up can help prevent headaches. Headaches are often caused by dehydration, so drink water before taking anything to get rid of attacks early. Also, drink water throughout the day to keep headaches away.

Drinking water, particularly alkaline water, on an empty stomach can also prevent oral problems, such as mouth infections caused by bacteria as well as bad breath.

One of the best reasons why you should drink water early in the morning is that it cleanses the colon. This helps the body absorb nutrients better. The healthier your colon, the healthier your whole body becomes.

How to Drink Water After You Wake Up

Drinking water should be a habit to incorporate into your daily routine. The key is to drink water steadily and moderately as overdoing it will not give benefits. It is recommended that you drink four glasses of water on an empty stomach.

You don’t have to drink all of it at once. Start by drinking one glass after waking up, then another after eating breakfast and the remaining two before you have lunch and dinner.


Water is all over our bodies:

  • 90% in the brain
  • 83% in the blood
  • 75% in our muscles
  • 22% in our bones

It’s easy to conclude how this super simple liquid is essential to our health and life. Experts tell us that we should drink eight glasses of water every day to support our health– more if you’re physically active.

Just eight ounces of water before you drink or eat anything can provide many health benefits.

Source: www.stethnews.com

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