Tips For A Stronger Squat

The squat is a kind of lift meant to develop lower body strength and size. It is highly efficient, but there will come a point when you’ll feel like a dead man, as your muscles won’t cooperate with you anymore.

Here are some different techniques to help your legs out:

Single leg variations

You can simply shift the work from both legs to one leg, cranking up the difficulty. Single leg squats demand increased balance and makes them highly difficult, but they are worth it. Stick with them until you get better at it.

Spread out

In a classic back squat, you should point your feet forward. A small adjustment in your feet position can cause a significant shift in the muscles that you are working on.

Spread your feet and point your toes outwards. This position is called the sumo squat, and it will make your hips and glutes stronger.

Pause at the bottom

If you try pausing at the bottom of any type of squat, it will eliminate the stretch reflex in your muscles. What is more, it will force the muscles to give more force to complete the squat.

Some lifters find this to be a very effective technique. They’ve even given it a name; the “Anderson Squat.”

Add half-reps from the bottom

Go down into a full squat, and then simply rise up halfway. Pause there, and go down again before pushing up into a complete standing position.

This kind of technique puts more stress on your muscles during your weakest point of the squat movement pattern.

Shift the load

This simply means to do the front squat instead of the back one. In comparison to the back squat, the front one gets the best out of the quads and gets more muscle activity from the hips and your lower back.

Make it explode

Another method is squat fast. Perform the squat just below your max strength. It can range between 40 and 70 percent of what you can give for each rep.

e squat is a kind of lift meant to develop lower body strength and size.

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