This Plant Can Kill A Child In 1 Minute And An Adult In 15

Most of us keep different kinds of plants and flowers in our houses. They brighten up the space and make it more enjoyable. However, did you know that there are hidden dangers behind owning plants.

Please read this carefully. My son died because he put a piece of leaf in his mouth. His tongue swelled and he suffocated. This plant is very common in many homes and offices. It is poisonous and dangerous to the point of killing a child in 1 minute and an adult in 15 minutes.

If you touch it by chance you should never bring your fingers to your eyes, as this could cause permanent blindness. Warn your friends and family.

It all started when little Esteban 5 years old playing, accidentally put a piece of leaf of this plant in his mouth. When he started to feel bad he complained to his mother. She thought it was just indigestion or fatigue. But she began to worry when she noticed that her son was beginning to change color and experience great difficulty in breathing.

She quickly called the ambulance, which transferred him to hospital where he was admitted immediately, no one knew what was really happening.

1/2 an hour later, the doctor informed his mother that he had died and that the cause of death was poisoning from something he had eaten. She was in shock and had no idea what he could have eaten.

For this reason, the doctors requested a blood test and the results revealed a large dose of a chemical called calcium oxalate.

This chemical is found in a plant known as Diefenbaker or better known in countries of Latin America as Amoena, which is very common house plant.

People usually have it indoors since it has great resistance to shade and doesn’t need sunlight. But you should be extremely careful especially with children because it can lead to poisoning if eaten.

Data from 2006 in the United States, which registered 64,250 cases of poisoning with plants, of which 75% were children under 5 years.

If someone suffered a poisoning from Diefenbaker, the National Library of Medicine of the United States recommends cleaning the mouth with a cold, wet cloth, rinsing your eyes if any contact with the plant has been made and ingesting milk. Then consult a care center.

This plant is very common in many homes and offices.

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