Natural Remedy For Overcoming Anemia

Decreased hemoglobin is an indicator that your blood has a smaller capacity of transporting oxygen to the cells in your body.

This condition leads to anemia and that is not good  for your organism. But, there is no need to panic, anemia and decreased hemoglobin can be overcome with this simple and tasty remedy.

The symptoms of anemia can include shortness of breath and weakness, hair loss and headaches. Even though all of this may sound scary, the most common form of anemia is treated very easily, if it is caught early.

So, if you feel weak or have a rapid heartbeat, you can make this simple remedy just in case. It can do no harm, and it will improve your blood count.

Remedy for improving the blood count


  • 200 grams of honey
  • 200 grams of walnuts
  • 200 grams of raisins
  • 200 milliliters of beet juice
  • 200 milliliters of carrot juice
  • 2 lemons


Wash the lemons and cut them in halves, then take the pits out and grind them in a food processor. Take a big bowl and put the lemons in it. Then, add the honey, carrot and beet juice and stir everything well. In the end add the chopped walnuts and raisins and mix everything again.

When you finish mixing, find a one liter jar and pour the remedy in it. Take three tablespoons a day, before each meal. You will feel stronger and your blood count will be impeccable after just one batch.

This tasty treat is recommended by doctors themselves, because it is well known that honey, beet, carrots and lemons have a positive effect on blood cells and hemoglobin.

Anemia and decreased hemoglobin can be overcome with this simple and tasty remedy.

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