Natural Remedies for Age Spots, Warts, Moles, and Clogged Pores

Skin is one of the most sensitive things on our body, yet, it’s directly exposed to external factors.┬áSun exposure, pollution, and wind are some of the factors that affect the skin’s appearance and health.

Besides these natural risk factors for skin problems, we are using chemical-laden skin-care products on a daily basis, thus affecting its moisture and elasticity. Some of them are commercial body lotions, hand soaps, creams, shower gels, and perfumes you are using it all the time.

Sometimes, it could be genes that are making your skin prone to issues. Also, it could be health conditions such as impaired hormonal balance, or an unhealthy diet. The most common skin issues include skin breakouts, moles, clogged pores, skin tags, warts, and blackheads.

Instead of trying out and experimenting with different commercial products, you can treat your existing health problem and improve the condition of your skin with natural solutions.

Here are the best natural ingredients that will help you treat skin issues and get the skin you desire.

Natural Solutions for Warts

The most common reason for the appearance of warts is HPV. These mucous membranes or small bumps are usually treated with freezing or salicylic acid. But, you can use the following ingredients to treat them naturally.

Honey— apply some honey to the affected area before going to bed, and cover with a bandage. Do this until you see improvements.

Banana— once you eat your banana, don’t throw away the peel. Use it to rub the bumps every evening for two weeks.

Apple cider vinegar— Apply a cotton ball soaked in some apple cider vinegar on the wart. Use a bandage to secure it, and let it stay overnight. The next morning, replace with a new cotton pad.

Garlic— crush some garlic cloves and rub them on the wart. Again, use a bandage to cover it and let it stay overnight. Do this for two weeks, and you’ll see drastic improvements.


Moles usually appear due to sun exposure or genetics. Use the following natural remedies to treat them effectively.

Apple cider vinegar— Apply a cotton ball soaked in some vinegar, secure it with a bandage, and allow it to act for eight hours.

Garlic— Apply some petroleum jelly or masking tape on the skin around the mole, and then put some garlic or garlic extract on the mole. Use a bandage to cover it and allow it stay for four hours. Do this once a day.

Baking soda and castor oil— mix the two of them until you get a sticky paste. Then, put some of the paste on the mole, and cover with a bandage. It’s best to do this every night before going to bed. Wash it off the next morning.

Skin Tags

These skin growths are usually appearing around the neck, on the eyelids, underarms, upper chest, and other areas where the skin is rubbing against skin. Here’s how to remove them naturally.

Ginger— Cut a slice of ginger and rub it on the skin tag for around seven minutes every day. Repeat this every day for two weeks.

Tea Tree oil— soak a cotton ball in a solution of water and a few drops of tea tree oil. Then, secure it with a bandage. You can do this few times a day for up to a month.

Apple cider vinegar— Dab the skin tag with a cotton ball soaked in some apple cider vinegar. Let it stay until it darkens, and the skin tag will eventually fall off.

Castor oil and baking soda— mix the ingredients to form a paste and rub it on the skin tag. Use a bandage to secure it and let it stay for 2 days.

Clogged Pores

Your pores can clog due to oil buildup, making them look bumpy. So, here’s how to treat them.

Steaming— Place your face above a pot with hot water, and stay there for 10-15 minutes. However, don’t forget to wash it before beginning. After ten minutes, wash it again, but this time with warm water. You can then use some apple cider vinegar to clean the excess debris.

Combine sugar and lemon juice and rub it on the affected spot with an organic cotton washcloth using a circular motion. After that, wash your face with warm water.

Age Spots

The most common causes of age spots or dark spots are aging liver and sun exposure. They usually occur on the face, forearms, and hands.

Lemon— rub a cotton ball soaked in lemon juice on the age spot two times a day.

Aloe Vera gel— put some gel on the age spot and let it stay for 30 minutes before washing it off.

Horseradish— add it to some apple cider vinegar and apply it on the age spot.

Onion— Rub the skin area with some blended onion or onion juice and let it stay for ten minutes before rinsing it off. Do this every day until the age post disappears.

The most common skin issues include skin breakouts, moles, clogged pores, skin tags, warts, and blackheads.

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