Melon Water Can Help You Lose Weight

The melon is a fruit basically composed of water with a satiating effect.

This is very convenient to lose weight with melon water due to the elimination of toxins through the urine that will cause the continent water and, on the other hand, we will satisfy hunger without adding fat to our body.

It is usually considered a summer fruit, but we can eat it or drink it liquefied at any time of the year.

Benefits And Composition Of The Melon

Melon has purifying properties that help clean the accumulated toxins and help you lose weight, in addition to a diuretic effect. Keep in mind that you can not abuse him in your diet, since not feeling hungry due to its satiating effect, you will stop eating other essential foods to keep your body in optimal condition.

There are many varieties of different sizes and colors: green, yellowish skin; oval or round, like the cantaloupe variety, with the orange pulp. All of them are made up of 90% water, they are cultivated in dry land or sandy.

Benefits Of Melon

Low in calories and fats, but rich in vitamins and other nutrients. Approximately, 100 grams of melon contains only 34 calories.

It is one of the fruits with a higher content of Vitamin A, an antioxidant that benefits the tissues of our body, from the skin to the mucous membranes.

Its properties also work in the form of prevention against different types of cancer, such as colon, breast, and pancreas. This is possible thanks to the flavonoids that it contains and that act to protect our cells from free radicals.

Another of its benefits is that related to vision since it helps to prevent macular degeneration, a disease that people usually suffer when reaching old age.

The heart is another area in which it acts in a beneficial way due to its content in Potassium, regulating blood pressure and heart rate.

Like citrus, it contains Vitamin C, in addition to Manganese, excellent for eliminating viruses, infections, and bacteria.

Preparation Of Melon Water

As with other juices, we have talked about, it is advisable to take it in fasting. It is also an excellent snack. We must drink melon water at the moment to take advantage of all its properties.

Add 2 cups of diced melon pulp to the blender together with a tablespoon of lemon juice, a little honey or stevia and half a cup of water or the same proportion in small ice cubes. It must be all well mixed and with a creamy texture. It is ready to be taken. It is a shake of about 150 calories and as we have said, with satiating effect.

If you have a sleep disorder, this preparation will help you sleep. Apart from this, keep in mind that the fruit must be ripe to be well digested when it is too green it can cause stomach problems.

We hope it helps you achieve your goal of losing weight, in addition to improving your health.

Losing Weight With Melon

First, it will help us more if the fruit does not contain additives or preservatives. If possible, buy in specialist or dietary greengrocers in organic farming. The first thing the melon will do once ingested is to detoxify and improve the diuretic system avoiding fluid retention.

It is healthy to eat up to one whole melon during a day without condiments and a maximum of five days in a row along with other vegetables, after which the diet must be changed.

Melon Water

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