Look Younger with Rice Water Face Mask

Do you know that rice contains skin healing benefits? This is because rice is a rich source of linoleic acids and squalene, a powerful antioxidant which promotes collagen production in the skin.

Squalene also protects the skin from sun damage, which skins from wrinkling. A large amount of gamma oryzanol and vitamin E, on the other hand, helps protect heart health and lowers cholesterol.

Rice has wonderful effects on skin rejuvenation and the rice water face mask recipe below can help soften wrinkles and makes your skin radiant.

Rice Water Face Mask Recipe:


  • 3 Tbsp rice
  • 1 Tbsp milk
  • 1 Tbsp honey


1. After boiling the rice, strain and put aside the water in which the rice boiled.
2. Add heated milk to the rice and mix.
3. After stirring the mixture well, add honey.
4. Apply the mask to clean skin, then let dry.
5. Take off the mask and wash your face with water, using the water in which the rice boiled.

Do this procedure at least once a week to feel the benefits and look ten years younger.

If You Only Want to Make Rice Water

You’ll Need:

  • 1/2 cup uncooked rice (brown, white long grain, white short grain, jasmine, or whatever you have).
  • 2 cups water.

To make rice water, first, rinse the rice with about a cup of water to remove any dirt or impurities.

Then, place 1/2 cup of uncooked rice in a bowl and cover with water. Let the rice soak for 15 to 30 minutes. Swirl it around and lightly knead it until the water turns cloudy. This will help the vitamins and minerals seep into the water, creating a nourishing rinse for your hair and skin.

Strain out the rice water into a clean bowl or container. You can store your rice water in an air-tight container in the refrigerator for a few up to a week.

Your rice water is ready to use for a variety of hair and skin treatments:.

Skin Benefits.

Rice water contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are essential for beautiful skin, including ferulic acid, which is a great antioxidant, and allantoin, known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Facial Cleanser.

Using rice water to cleanse your face is as simple as dipping a cotton ball or pad into the liquid and gently massaging it into your skin for a couple of minutes. Let your face air dry to make sure it really absorbs all of the good stuff. With regular use, you will notice your skin feeling soft, tight, and radiant. Use every day as part of your skincare routine.

Facial Toner.

You can also use rice water as a toner. Soak a cotton ball or pad and apply to face after cleansing to minimize the appearance of pores and tighten skin. This natural skin toner promotes cell growth, stimulates blood flow, and helps keep your skin smooth and bright.

Acne treatment.

Rice water also helps heal acne and cools the redness of an outbreak. It acts as an astringent on the skin, tightening the pores.

Treats eczema.

The starch components in rice water are effective in easing the effects of eczema on your skin. Dip a clean washcloth into the water and pat all over the affected skin. Continue doing this for a couple of minutes and make sure you air dry it.

For irritated skin.

Apply rice water to rashes or other skin inflammation to soothe it naturally. A dermatological study on patients with atopic dermatitis claimed that taking a 15-minute bath with rice water twice a day could improve the condition significantly.

Sunburn Soother.

Rice water is also used for cooling inflammations and burnt skin. It will help your skin recover fast and prevent further damage. Cold rice water, in such cases, is preferred.

Rice has wonderful effects on skin rejuvenation and the rice water face mask recipe can help soften wrinkles and makes your skin radiant.

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