Health Benefits Of Drinking Lassi

Simply put, lassi is yogurt that you drink.

It comes from India where it is popular most especially during summer, although there is no problem whatsoever in consuming it at any other time of the year. And just like yogurt, lassi is very good for your gut and overall health because of the beneficial bacteria that it contains.

In its most basic form, it’s just fermented milk curd with a little water. However, there are many different ways to have this healthy beverage flavored.

Some people like to add cumin or turmeric to it, while others prefer to garnish it with fresh or dried fruits. Then there are also those who love sweetening it with rose syrup and crushed rose petals, too.

Regardless of how it is prepared or served, there is no denying that glugging down lassi on a regular basis is a wonderful idea. It’s just like snacking on yogurt, only that it can go straight down your throat. Here are some of the health benefits you can obtain simply by having a serving of chilled lassi, flavored or not:

Increased Beneficial Bacteria

Because lassi is a fermented drink, it is full of friendly microorganisms. This treat from India is just like kimchi, natto, tempeh, and sauerkraut– all of them are good for the gut. The only thing that makes lassi a cut above all the rest is the fact that it can be flavored in so many ways, making its consumption always a delight!

So what’s so good about supplying your gut with friendly bacteria? For one, they help improve digestion as well as the absorption of certain nutrients in the food you eat. Scientists say that having a healthy gut with the help of those beneficial microbes is essential for having better mood and immunity.

Eliminated Unhealthy Food Cravings

Nothing can sabotage your weight loss plan more than reaching for potato chips, doughnuts, pizza and other snacks that are loaded with fat and sodium. If you are having a difficult time staying away from them, consider drinking lassi on a regular basis. That’s because it is something that can keep you from craving unhealthy food.

This beverage is capable of doing that, thanks to its rich consistency that’s heavy on the stomach– it can make you feel full for a long, long time. What’s more, lassi is a great source of protein, which is very satisfying. When you are completely satisfied, then there is no reason for you to reach for figure-ruining snacks.

Reduced Inflammation

There are a handful of spices that can be added to lassi to make it taste so much interesting. Some examples are cumin, turmeric and grated ginger. Adding any of the said spices to every serving of lassi is a great idea because not only will it boost the taste of this Indian drink, but also enhance its health-giving properties.

It’s no secret that the spices mentioned above all possess anti-inflammatory properties. And when you consume lassi that is flavored with them, inflammation within the body can be reduced. As a result, it becomes most especially beneficial for people with inflammatory conditions like osteoarthritis and acne.

Boosted Antioxidant Supply

You can add different kinds of fruit to lassi, aside from the spices. In India where this drink comes from, some of the well-loved ones are mangoes, pineapples, strawberries, and papaya. However, just about any fruit, you like may be actually added to lassi. Oh, and you can also opt for dried fruits if fresh ones are not available.

The moment you add some fruits to lassi, the beverage instantly becomes a phenomenal supplier of antioxidants– molecules that are capable of zapping those harmful free radicals. There are so many benefits to increasing your consumption of antioxidants, and one of them is the slowing down of aging.

In its most basic form, lassi is fermented milk curd with a little water. However, there are many different ways to have this healthy beverage flavored.
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