Facts about Cellulite You Must Know

We are going to talk about the one thing that plagues all women, the monster deep beneath our skin. The horrid mark that prevents us from wearing bikinis. Yes, it is none other than cellulite.

It is impossible to put into words how unnecessary cellulitis are in our body. Yet, it is inescapable in teenage girls and adult women. Cellulite can appear on the skin no matter our size or age.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite appears underneath the skin when collagen fibers that impasses fat to the skin somehow break and tear. Without the collagen fiber the fat cells are able to expand beyond the skin. Creating dimples or tiny indentation in the skin.

Here are 5 facts about cellulite you must know:

Men and Cellulite

As unfair as it seems, men do not get visible cellulites unlike women. Men’s collagen fibers are created in an X pattern, while women’s collagen fibers are created in a pillar like pattern. When women’s collagen fibers break huge pockets and indentations can be seen, due to the parallel rows of fiber. Men on the other hand, have an X pattern making breakage less visible.

Fat and Cellulite

Fat and cellulite are closely related, but are not the same. Cellulites are the bumps and lumps that are visible in the skin when fat cells expand and create small indentation and pockets in the skin.

Weight Loss Doesn’t Equal Cellulite Loss

Yes, losing some weight can lessen the visibility of cellulite, but it does not remove it completely. Weight gain can make cellulite more distinguishable from the distance, but losing your extra pounds won’t shed away pesky cellulite. Cellulite depends on genes, hormonal imbalances and inflammation in the body. Shedding a few pounds will help hide the cellulite, but not remove it.

UV Rays Affect Cellulite

Always use sunblock on areas that are prone to or have cellulite. Collagen in the skin is damaged by harmful UV rays. Damaged collagen, makes cellulite more visible. Before going outside, apply SPF products on the skin to prevent damage.

Over The Counter Creams

Over the counter cellulite creams may work on some people. Pick two kinds of cream, one that contains caffeine and one that contains retinol. Apply the retinol cream first before the caffeine cream. The retinol cream will help recover damaged cells in the long run and the caffeine cream will increase blood flow and circulation. This will reduce the fat cells and allow the fibers to repair itself.

Now you know more about cellulite, you can learn to prevent and remove these pesky marks from your skin.

Cellulite appears underneath the skin when collagen fibers that impasses fat to the skin somehow break and tear.

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