Burn Your Belly Fat In 3 Weeks

To eliminate fats from your organism, eliminate excess water, improve your brain functions, improve memory as well as sight and hearing, you need only one plant- horse radish.

Some Facts About Horseradish:

We usually eat the horse radish root but the fresh leaves are very tasteful and spicy too. Horseradish is rich in various vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin C,
  • potassium,
  • Vitamin B1, B6,
  • iron,
  • calcium,
  • Vitamin B2,
  • magnesium,
  • phosphorus

Horse radish is not only a gourmet ingredient but it is also a cure. It is a necessary ingredient to various meals and it goes perfectly with fatty foods since it eases digestion.

What is more, horse radish cleanses our system, speeds up our metabolism, and reduces fatigue. It is recommended to people suffering from diabetes.

It also encourages the development of useful bacteria in our bowels. Fresh roots can be used throughout the whole year if kept in dry sands or in a basement.

If you have a bigger root, try grating the necessary amount and keep the rest wrapped in a tin foil in the refrigerator.

TIP: If you want your grated horseradish to be fresh for 3 weeks, mix it with a teaspoon of sugar and 4 tbsp. of lemon juice or vinegar. Kept it in a jar in the fridge, it can stay fresh up to 3 weeks.

Belly Fat Burner Recipe:

  • 125 g. of horseradish
  • 3 lemons (make sure you soaked them into the mixture of water and vinegar for 10 minutes, in order to clean them from pesticides)
  • 3 tablespoons of honey

How to prepare the drink:

Blend the horseradish. Cut the lemons, take out the seeds and add them to the blended horseradish. Again, blend everything together. Add the honey and stir.

Keep this mixture in the fridge and eat a teaspoon of it, twice a day. Follow this routine for 3 weeks and watch your waist get thinner every day.

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