5 Inner Thigh Slimming Exercises

There are many ways for you to get your inner thighs toned so you’ll be able to achieve that sexy, sculpted legs you’ve always dreamed of.

You don’t really need strenuous regimes or fancy equipment to exercise your inner thighs. The good news is that you can shape your inner thighs with nothing more than a few props and dedication.

Here are 5 exercises for your inner thigh that you can actually do in your own home. You don’t have to go to the gym to improve the look of your thighs.

1. Kick A Box

Luckily, one of the best exercises for the inner thigh is actually the easiest. If you’ve been moving from one apartment to the next then you’re probably familiar with kicking a box around. Here’s what you should do. Look for a cardboard box.

Fill the box with something heavy like old books or even canned goods. Five to ten pounds will do. Toning your inner thighs doesn’t need a lot of weight and of course, you don’t want to overwork your knees particularly if you’re a beginner.

Set the box on your floor and start kicking it. Linoleum and hardwood floors are great for this exercise but you can do it well with a wall-to-wall carpet too. You just need to lighten the load due to the resistance.

While kicking the box, you don’t actually have to lift it or let it fly through the room. You just need to be able to move it a few inches using the inside edge of your foot then a few inches more with your other foot.

You don’t need to move fast or keep at it for long. This exercise will do your inner thighs some good even when repeated a few times. If you find it easy add more weight. If you work hard to move the box, lighten the load.

2. Kickboxing

This is a more aggressive version of box kicking since it requires a lot of stamina and energy. Kickboxing is actually a badass kind of exercise for the inner thighs. For this exercise you will need a kickboxing bag.

The kickboxing bag is the same as a boxing bag but this one is placed on the floor. It’s immobile and sturdy and can be found in your local gym.

In kickboxing it’s the same as kicking a box, but instead of pushing the box using your feet, you will need to stand in front of the kickboxing bag, raise one of your legs, and kick it using your inner calves. You can twist your upper body to give maximum strength on each kick.

Of course, you need to take it easy at the start. You shouldn’t kick too high and only use the right amount of force. Try joining a beginners class in kickboxing so you can practice your approach as well as finding the right strategy to kick the bag and your cellulite too.

3. In-line Skating

You might hate the idea of exercising, hate jogging because you have bad knees or you get bored with walking easily.

Have you ever seen roller derby for women on TV? It’s basically a type of contact sport where two teams of women use the roller track to get points.

Roller derby is actually a bit risky since there are many instances of sprained ankles and broken arms. Even serious injuries are not that uncommon in this sport. However, it’s good for building your confidence.

If you can, buy a pair of roller skates and go around your neighborhood slowly. The following day, your legs will ache badly but it actually helps in toning the muscles of your inner thighs. Research shows that in-line skating and even ice skating are effective in getting rid of the flab in your inner thighs. Just don’t forget to get knee pads and helmet along with your roller blades for protection.

4. The Scissors

So far the exercises mentioned above require you to have some sort of props. This one doesn’t. This exercise is simple and can help tone your muscles gently. You just need room on your floor.

You can use an exercise mat for this or just go and use the carpet in your living room. Since you’re doing this at home, you can use whatever you like. To do this exercise, simply lie on your side and use your arm to prop your head. Make sure that your legs are straight and that your toes are pointed. You are now assuming the pose of a pair of closed scissors.

Lift one leg slowly then lower it back gently. If you’re on your right side, lift your left leg high, hold it in this position for a few seconds, then bring your leg back down gently. You can flex your foot in and out while doing this exercise. Flex your foot in upon lifting then out with the second lift and so on. This will help make your calves stronger too .

Do 20 repetitions of leg lifts for each of your leg every day.

5. Plie

Another exercise that is good for your inner thigh is an exercise done in the first year of ballet. Once more, you don’t need to buy any equipment for this exercise, the only hing you need is a wall to brace yourself on.

You should stand about an arm’s length beside a wall. See to it that you have room to be able to bend your knees without hitting the wall. Begin the plie with heels together and the toes pointed a bit outwards. Slowly bend your knees while making sure that your heels are together. When you’ve lowered yourself as much as you can, slowly rise. Again, keep your heels together and make sure that they’re on the floor.

Once you’re standing again, raise yourself up slowly all the way to the tip of your toes while keeping them pointed outwards. Your heels won’t be touching when you rise. Lower yourself down. You can use the wall to brace yourself.

Once you’re way past the beginner stage, you can add dumbbells to your exercise to tone your inner thighs as well as your arms better. You can even use ankle weights when you do the scissors or plies for added resistance.

You don’t really need strenuous regimes or fancy equipment to exercise your inner thighs.

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