5 Hair Masks For Shiny Hair

In order to have a beautiful hair you have to take care of it.

Instead of using expensive masks and treatments, you can try some of these very effective masks, that will make your hair shiny, soft and strong.

You don’t have to use these masks very often, maybe once or twice a week ( depends on your hair structure ), because your hair scalp needs to breathe.

With these  natural ingredients, you can turn heads with your silky looking hair.

1.Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you have dry or dyed hair,this oil will help you make it look healthier. Extra Virgin Olive Oil has always been used as a natural conditioner to treat dry hair.

This ingredient produces soft and shiny hair and prevent dryness of the scalp.

2. Honey

Honey is ingredient that has  a great significance for your health, skin,body and hair care. First of all, honey is good for retaining moisture in your hair,it sucks moisture into the hair and prevents hair loss.

Secondly, honey is  great if you have dry hair and need an extra boost of moisture and hydration.

And finally honey makes your hair soft and silky.

3.Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a natural hair repairing remedy, that is  made from the healthy, white flesh of coconuts.

If you are suffering from hair loss,this milk is what you need, because it’s loaded with vitamins,which stimulates circulation in the scalp, making your hair grow faster.

Also if you have dry hair,this milk can contribute to your hair shininess. Because Coconut Milk contains Vitamin E and healthy fats.

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is a magical  ingredient,as you may already know,because it can be used for so many different reasons and the results are amazing. The benefits from Coconut Oil are endless. This oil keeps your hair moist and soft, also it  prevents hair breakage because of its high moisture retaining capabilities.

Since Coconut Oil is full with fatty acids, it gets deeper in the hair more deeply than regular conditioners,leading to beautiful soft, silky, shiny hair. It is better to use Organic Coconut Oil.

5. Lemon

If you have oily scalp, lemon is best for your hair,as lemon juice has the capabilities of absorbing excess oil and grease.

Lemon is high in Vitamin C, which leads to strong hair, and its acidic nature will help clean your hair from any deposited products and dust.

Lemon also adds bounce and shine to dull, lifeless hair. Lemon juice is also good for fighting Dandruff, as it has anti-fungal properties.

Instead of using expensive masks and treatments, you can try some of these very effective masks, that will make your hair shiny, soft and strong.

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